Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feeling at home in Sackville

Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping by - I hope that this blog can become an effective way for me to communicate with all those of you who are curious about what turns life will take as I head off across the pond and start my Master's in Politics at the University of Oxford. I've attempted to send out the link to all of my close friends, family members, past teachers and professors, but if you feel as though I've forgotten someone, feel free to pass it along.

I'm currently enjoying a few final hours in the most lovely town of Sackville, New Brunswick before heading off to Halifax to spend time with a few old friends from here and there. I've been revelling in visits to the Cackling Goose, long afternoons at Bridge Street Cafe and even longer nights at Ducky's - some of my favourite parts of the Sackville life. What's been most enjoyable, however, have been all of the wonderful people I've been fortunate enough to see again. I've thoroughly enjoyed having the time to sit down with so many smiling faces and to pay visits to my much loved professors. Hearing about all the fun plans that people are making and the fantastic courses that are being offered sure do make it difficult to leave this place, which truly does feel like home to me.

But go I must, and today I will go to Halifax, a city with a magical air about it during the fall months. But thank you Sackville and thank you friends, for allowing me one last farewell - I will miss you oh so dearly.



claire said...

Suuuueeee! I can not wait to tag along on your adventures in the UK!! You are fortunate because it seems Oxford has a similar magic as found in Sackville -- at least much more so than Japan!! Haha. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely loving the place, but I am certainly missing potlucks, cafes and concerts only found in Canada (esp. Sackville). Oh yeah, and I guess I'm missing the people, too (esp. 7 Allison - the original <3). Miss ya, bud! Best of luck! xo

Brian said...

Sue, this is an absolutely marvelous idea.

Read books, sip tea, eat crumpets - what else is there, except for maybe the occasional oatcake or two?